Noblesville Elementary Football League

2024 Coaches / Cheerleading Volunteer Registration


2024 NEFL Coaches Registration

If you are interested in coaching or serving as a Cheerleading volunteer in the NEFL in 2024, please fill out this registration.  Coaches may be required to attend several coaches' clinics prior to the season.  In addition, although not mandatory, coaches will be encouraged to attend informal "huddles" at various points before, during and after the season.  


NOTE: You are required to have a completed Level 3 Volunteer background check (valid through at least 11/1/2024) with Noblesville Volunteer Consortium through SafeVisitor PRIOR to registering.  If you already have a valid (non-expired) Level 3 through the schools, you may register now.  Otherwise, please complete the background check from the link on our home page before you register.  You will be required to provide your SafeVisitor ID Badge number and expiration date in order to complete the coaches registration.  These background checks are now valid for a period of 6 (six) years from approval.


Coach's Certification Requirements

In order to continue our efforts to improve the quality and safety of our programs for all involved, we have added the following training requirements for coaches:

- All Head Coaches MUST attain a USA Football Coach Certification (Tackle or Flag as applicable).  When coaches provide proof of certification, they will be given a discount code for the registration of their player that will cover the $15 cost of the certification. (

-Assistant Coaches are HIGHLY encouraged, but not required, to complete the USA Football Coach Certification.  Assistant Coaches who choose complete the training are eligible for the $15 discount to their players registration.

- AT LEAST ONE coach per team will be required to attain a CPR/AED Certification.  This training has 2 components: an online portion with a nominal cost (~$15), and an in-person skills test.  The online portion will be the responsibility of the coaches.  Several skills tests session will be scheduled and provided at no additional cost to the coaches.    Any coach who successfully attains these certifications will be provided a discount code for another $15 off their players registration to offset the cost of the training. 

NOTE:  This registration process is designed to indicate your desire, and demonstrate your qualification, to serve as a coach or cheerleading volunteer.  Completing this process in NO WAY guarantees that you will be selected to serve in the position to which you are volunteering.  Interested and qualified applicants will be selected based on organizational needs, and in accordance with the NEFL By-Laws and Rules.


Please direct questions to:  Dave Kinyon at